04th Jul 2022 by Josh Matthews, HBA

Josh Matthews, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, recently had the opportunity to meet with legendary investor and New York Times bestselling author Howard Marks, who was in London for an Oaktree investor conference.

06th Jan 2022 by Rory Dorman, ACA

Within this article, Rory Dorman, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses why inflation may be here to stay.

13th Dec 2021 by Cormac Naughten

Inflation has been much in the news of late with UK CPI hitting a ten year high of 4.2% in October and surpassing market expectations. Whether this is driven primarily by price rises in household energy costs, petrol, hospitality or wage inflation in different sectors of the economy is a subject for debate amongst the pundits.

13th Dec 2021 by James Sellon, CFA, CFP™

Inflation is something that investors (and arguably central bankers) have not had to worry about since the global financial crisis, however inflation, the silent enemy of the long-term investor, is back.

13th Dec 2021 by Henry Findlater

Within this article, Henry Findlater, Partner and Senior Manager, discusses discusses how central banks support to financial markets has impacted investors and their risk tolerance, using the analogy of a turkey’s life.

11th Nov 2021 by Mark Scher

"Inflation is back in the news again, but what is inflation? Generally speaking, when economists and policy makers refer to inflation, they are invariably speaking about price inflation. That is the general increase in the level of prices of goods and services. Back in university, we also learned about monetary inflation which is an increase in the money supply (M1 in the US).

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