21st Mar 2023 by Henry Findlater

When planning for a home purchase in the UK, the traditional factors and aspects of your financial life to consider include the amount you should put down, how much SDLT and Conveyancing Fees will be payable and the type of mortgage you want to secure. 

17th Mar 2023 by Marketing

Tomorrow is Global Recycling Day, an international event celebrating the importance of recycling and its potential to preserve resources, reduce energy consumption and create jobs. It also provides an opportunity to educate people about the environmental benefits of recycling.

14th Mar 2023 by Ollie Cutting

Within the latest edition of the American in Britain magazine, Ollie Cutting, Wealth Manager, discusses why having a US-aware advisor is vital for Americans living in the UK.

08th Mar 2023 by Marketing

Today is International Women's Day (IWD), an annual event to challenge stereotypes of women, broaden perceptions of what is possible and celebrate women's achievements. On this day, we come together to celebrate progress towards achieving gender equality and to recognize how much further we need to go for all women to be fully empowered and able to enjoy their rights.

21st Feb 2023 by MASECO Private Wealth

Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) form part of the 1986 IRS tax reforms that closed loopholes being used to protect offshore investments from taxation. The 1986 tax reforms not only sought to close the loophole, but also to bring such offshore investments under US taxation and deter US taxpayers’ interest in such investments through punitive tax rates.

20th Feb 2023 by Henry Findlater

Historically, property alongside pensions has been one of the most common ways to invest in the UK both for a main residence and a buy-to-let portfolio. As many know, property is an asset class, just as cash, bonds and shares and can serve as a form of diversification when building an overall investment portfolio for assets.